Semiconductor test equipment localization is imminent, precision test electronics can stand out?

As domestic wafer foundry, testing complete localization, and global trade protectionism, guarantee a steady supply of upstream materials, equipment has become the domestic semiconductor manufacturers need to solve the problem, thus supporting the domestic upstream become bigger and stronger materials, equipment manufacturers, is also a national large funds, semiconductor manufacturers such as the current primary goal.

Recently, in China the core investment countries share big fund phase ii, in the layout clear mentioned countries with large funds phase ii will be on the etching machine, film equipment, testing equipment, cleaning equipment, and other fields have continued to support the layout of the enterprise to keep the high strength, promote leading enterprises bigger and strongest form serialization, specialized equipment products.

Subsequently, fine measure electron subsidiary Shanghai fine measure obtained the capital increase of national big fund. This is the second testing equipment manufacturer invested by the national big fund after changchuan science and technology, which shows that the national big fund attaches great importance to domestic testing equipment.


Precision electronics was founded in April 2006, the company in the field of domestic flat-panel display detection in a leading position, products include module detection system, detection system, detection system of OLED panel system, AOI automatic optical inspection system, Touch panel system and flat-panel display automation equipment testing equipment, such as in Beijing Oriental, samsung, LG, sharp, panasonic, cec, well-known enterprises such as foxconn, au optronics batch applications, and a large number of used for apple's iPhone and the series of products according to testing.

From the point of the current situation, precision electronic through acquisitions and set up a subsidiary, has completed the layout in the field of semiconductor testing equipment, among them, the essence of wuhan hong has achieved in just a year and a half time of small batch orders, Shanghai precision as one of the few domestic engaged in before detection equipment manufacturers, progress is also very well.

At the same time, fine measure electron and changchuan science and technology are the two A share that are exclusive in afore-mentioned enterprise appear on the market enterprise, after road test equipment domain, big fund invested changchuan science and technology, in before road test equipment domain, big fund chooses to fine measure to Shanghai add endowment.

It is worth mentioning that while the large fund and other directions of Shanghai precision measurement increase capital, also agreed on the revenue, research and development, production schedule and other aspects of performance commitment, requiring precision measurement electronics to do its best to commit to the operation and development of Shanghai precision measurement.

In addition to big funds, domestic fabs and test factories are also stepping up support for domestic equipment, but the success of the expansion of precision test electronics into the semiconductor field remains to be seen.