Elsa after-sales terms

ELSA SSD warranty regulations (end user)

ELSA SSD after-sales service: free upgrade within 3 months from the date of purchase, 3-year replacement and lifetime warranty. The details are as follows:


The first part:

'3 years for new' : within 3 years from the date of purchasing the product, users can enjoy the new service if there is any quality problem in the normal use of the product.


Part ii:

'Lifetime warranty' : after 3 years from the date of purchase of the product (the service period of free replacement has expired), the purchased product will be repaired for free if it has performance failure.


Part iii:

'Free upgrade within 3 months' : within 3 months from the date of purchase of the product, users can choose to apply for free upgrade service if there is any quality problem in the normal use of the product.

(note: 1. Scan the qr code of 'free upgrade' and fill in relevant information as required. Customers who meet the requirements can apply for free upgrade service of SSD; 2. 'free upgrade' service is only for E500 series products, other series are not supported)

Elsa after-sales terms


Part iv:

Any of the following circumstances are not of the scope of free warranty service, but the charging can repair:

1. The period of validity of 'new product for 3 years' is expired。

2. Products whose serial Numbers and anti-disassembly labels have been torn, torn or blurred。

3. Failure to use, maintain and keep the products in accordance with the requirements of the product instructions, resulting in product damage。

4. Without ELSA personnel authorized to tear open outfit, repair or attempt to repair product。

5. Products damaged due to abnormal factors such as accidental fall or impact。

6. Product damage due to improper personal operation。

7. Product problems caused by failure to use the product in accordance with the intended function and environment and use SSD for special test purposes (e.g., mining)。


Part v:

Instructions for users to send directly to repair:

1. The user shall bear the shipping and transportation costs if he/she sends the product to be repaired directly. ELSA will not receive the paid part.。

2. Users needs to properly handle to send the product, we recommend using operation specification of transportation company, to avoid late appear damage, etc Disputes, the user to send the items damage shall be borne by the user。

3. The user should indicate the reason for the defect on the product, so that our engineers can quickly find out the fault。


Note: the company reserves the right to modify and the right of final interpretation.