Wolf Series 2.5\
Wolf Series 2.5\
Wolf Series 2.5\
Wolf Series 2.5\
Wolf Series 2.5\
Wolf Series 2.5\" SSD

The Innova Wolf series solid state drive is manufactured by the original high-quality chip, with high-speed read and write performance and stable quality, greatly improving the startup speed of the computer. Significantly reduce the response time of the operating system and applications, no mechanical moving parts, no noise, shock and impact resistance.


Capacity reference:128GB  256GB  512GB  1TB

  • product description

1. High performance: SATA3.0 (6Gbps); 2. Power-off protection: After sudden power failure, data can be automatically recovered; 3. Low power consumption: maximum power consumption is only 2W; 4. Zero noise: due to solid state drive Mechanical movement, so keep silent during work; 5. Support Trim, ECC, SMART;
6. Applicable to upgrades of personal computers, desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks and other hard drives.

  Working    temperature

modelWolf 2.5 inch series solid state drive
Product specifications 2.5  SATA 6Gb/s
storage capacity128GB、256GB、512GB、1TB、
NAND FIash Type

Baseline performance
data transmission (ATTO)128GB – up to 490MB/sec read and 480MB/sec write
256GB – up to 510MB/sec read and 490MB/sec write
512GB – up to 520MB/sec read and 500MB/sec write
1TB – up to 520MB/sec read and 515MB/sec write
Power consumption0.195W idle / 0.279W average / 0.642W (maximum) read / 1.535W (maximum) write
storage temperature-40°C~85°C
size100.0mm x 69.9mm x 7.0mm(2.5 inch)
weight41g(2.5 inch)
Seismic strength during operationmaximum1.500G/0.5m
Non-operating seismic strengthmaximum 20G (10–2000Hz)
Life expectancyMean time between failures up to 1.2 million hours
Warranty / Support
Three-year renewal, free technical support
Total write byte (TBW) 5128GB: 40TB
256GB: 80TB
512GB: 160TB
1.TB: 600TB