Guoxin Series 2.5\
Guoxin Series 2.5\
Guoxin Series 2.5\
Guoxin Series 2.5\" SSD

Chinese goods are self-improvement! Innova's National Core series solid-state hard drive adopts the domestically designed main control chip, which is matched with the original high-quality flash memory granules to greatly improve the overall performance of the product while reducing power consumption. No mechanical vibration, low heat, high temperature resistance, fast transmission, bring you a 'flying' general experience! The background of China Red, the domineering dragon pattern, full of Chinese characteristics, is a symbol of the “Made in China” to “Created in China”.

Capacity reference:128GB  256GB  512GB

  • product description

1. High performance: SATA3.0 (6Gbps); 2. Power-off protection: After sudden power failure, data can be automatically recovered; 3. Low power consumption: maximum power consumption is only 2W; 4. Zero noise: due to solid state drive Mechanical movement, so keep silent during work; 5. Support Trim, ECC, SMART;
6. Applicable to upgrades of personal computers, desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks and other hard drives.

modelGuoxin 2.5 inch series solid state drive
interface SATAIII  6Gb/s
storage capacity
Baseline performance
data transmission(ATTO)128GB – up to 490MB/sec read and 420MB/sec write
256GB – up to 520MB/sec read and 450MB/sec write
512GB – up to 550MB/sec read and 460MB/sec write
Power consumption0.195W idle / 0.279W average / 0.642W (maximum) read / 1.535W (maximum) write
storage temperature-40°C~85°C
Working temperature0°C~70°C
size100.0mm x 70mm x 5mm(2.5 inch)
Flash memory3DNAND
Seismic strength during operationMaximum 1.500G/0.5m
Non-operating seismic strength20G maximum (10–2000Hz)
Life expectancyMean time between failures up to 1.2 million hours
Warranty / Support 4Three-year renewal, free technical support
Total write byte(TBW)5128GB: 40TB
256GB: 80TB
512GB: 160TB