INNOPATA after-sales

INNOPETA solid state disk warranty (end user)

Thank you for purchasing INNOPETA SSD SSD drives (hereinafter referred to as 'products'). We will provide you with the highest quality service at any time. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this product. By using this product, you agree to the warranty terms and conditions of the innoda SSD.

A. the warranty policy:

 INNOPETA SSD SSDS have the promise of 3 months replacement and 3 years replacement from the date of sale. The details are as follows:

(1) 3 months in 'new' : within three months from the date of purchase products, users in the normal use of products, if quality problems, will be free of their products in the new services;

(2) '3-year warranty' : within 3 years from the date of purchase of the product, if the product fails, free maintenance service will be provided to the product.


B. warranty limitations:

Any of the following circumstances are not covered by the free warranty service:

1. The period of validity of '3-year guarantee' is expired;

2. Products whose serial Numbers and anti-disassembly labels have been torn, torn and blurred

3. Failure to use, maintain and keep the products in accordance with the requirements of the product instructions, resulting in product damage;

4. Disassemble, repair or attempt to repair products without the authorization of innoda personnel;

5. Products damaged due to abnormal factors such as accidental fall or impact;

6. Product damage due to improper personal operation;

7. Product problems caused by failure to use the product in accordance with the intended function and environment and use SSD for special test purposes (e.g., mining);


C. Statement of responsibility:

British norda (INNOPETA) buyers of their products or the end user, due to the purchase, use or cannot use INNOPETA products caused any damage, costs, loss of data, loss of income and savings loss, interest loss and any unavoidable or between damage occurs, no matter whether the possibility of damage to inform the norda, British norda are does not undertake any costs.


D. instructions for users to send directly to repair:

1. The user shall bear the transportation cost if he/she sends the product to be repaired directly;

2. The user should properly handle the products to be repaired. We suggest that a transportation company with standard operation should be adopted to avoid disputes such as damage to goods and the user should send the products

3. The user should indicate the reason for the defect on the product, so that our engineers can quickly find out the fault.

Note: the company reserves the right to modify and the right of final interpretation.