SSD foundry

In the era of rapid development of solid-state drives, the installed slogan is: no solid-state does not boot, 128GB capacity has become the battlefield for most manufacturers in the market. In this capacity, although the storage capacity is not high, but the user group needs more extensive, the demand is not so high.

The stability of the data is more demanding.

Wolf warriors SSDS are made by innorda and have excellent packaging. They are somewhat similar to metal packaging, with black as the base color and metal texture. Around the middle, they stand out as 'Wolf comics

Compared with the solid state drives on the market, the Wolf warriors 128GB solid state drives are designed with a strong sense of style, metal brushed texture, white double-color simplicity and fashion, black all-metal shell, coupled with the frosted design effectively reduce the wear on the appearance, the product's industrial design is further improved.

The use of selected flash particles and mainstream level of master control, can greatly improve the system response speed, never expected that the finished product through more than a dozen professional, rigorous testing, in addition to the strong performance and life ability, there is a very high cost performance, consistent with the market SSD, 7.0mm thick and 2.5 inches