Solid state drive factory

SSD is about to pass through November, the overall price trend can be said to be basically stable, at least not down, with KST\WD\ samsung began to pull up the price to stabilize, driving the second and third-tier brands to stabilize prices.Then into December, the SSD price after the market will be how to go, today to reveal the upstream of the latest trend of the original factory, I believe that the original factory will continue to send out signals from December, began to enter the peak season around the Spring Festival:Samsung's original factory: it has been clearly informed that there is a serious shortage of large capacity in Q1 and the wafer supply is very limited.Toshiba's original plant: the wafer is expected to rise 20% in the first quarter.Micron: all orders are full now. Orders are out of stock. Orders will be accepted in January or February.Other original factories: entering the quarter of Q1, they may release tight supply information that supply is less than demand.Click to enter 'great gathering' -- mobile version of video hall + bo bantang